Important tips

Less is more…

“Don’t forget: bring only what you need!”

A possible return on foot at times is necessary, so try to only bring what you truly believe is essential!

Tips on what to bring:

Sneakers or hiking boots, appropriate backpack for trekking, sunscreen, lots of insect repellant (since we really do have many midges). An excellent tip is to adopt the Bonete dwellers’ way – knee length socks, since these little pests love to sting your feet, so this is a good way of protecting yourself, as well as wearing light, synthetic fabric type slacks.

The midges, here called “borrachudos” only reproduce in places with extremely clean water, so oddly it is good that they are here… hehehe! The best thing is that at night they go away to sleep and give us a break, since they are daytime insects.

Do not forget to only bring what you consider essential – hiking the trail carrying a lot of weight is strictly not advisable. Here at Bonete we have good local restaurant options and a small grocery store where you can purchase “basic” goods.

Consult-us about our baggage delivery service in case you wish to hike the trail without carrying your luggage!